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Foodie's Guide to Ruston

Ruston, LA 71270

We all know there is a difference between those who eat to live and those who live to eat. Here in Ruston, we live to eat, and our dining options are proof of that. Whether you appreciate a traditional take or a creative flair, we have an itinerary for a day full of eating for any type of foodie. 


Classic: Head over to Park Ave Diner to find some of your all-time favorite breakfast options. Order some of their delicious french toast, or classic chicken and waffles!

Something Different: If you’re looking for a more unique take on breakfast, we recommend checking out Grown and Grazed. You can get a taste of North-Central Louisiana no matter what you order thanks to their locally-sourced ingredients. Build your own sweet potato hash or go for a seasonally-flavored scone with fresh whipped cream. 

Something Quick (but still delicious): Don’t have a ton of time? Common Goods may be a convenient stop, but they don’t slack when it comes to providing a satisfactory breakfast experience. Choose from any of their craft toasts (all of which are made on their homemade, artisan bread) or grab one of their many baked good options. 


Classic: Log Cabin is a crowd pleaser that has a little bit of everything, so there is sure to be something for any food lover. We recommend the chicken fried steak or BBQ nachos, but you really can’t go wrong with anything off their wood-burning mesquite grill. Be sure to check out the market on your way out for specialty seasonings, prepared meals, and hand-cut meats. 

Something Different: We know there is nothing a foodie loves more than authentic cuisine. If you’re on the hunt for a culinary experience from another culture, look no farther than Haj’s Kitchen. This restaurant provides an authentic taste of the middle-east right here in Lincoln Parish. Check them out at the Ruston Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, or head over to their food truck in the Graham Shopping Center parking lot. 

Something Quick (but still delicious): Sticking with the theme of authentic cuisine, a must for any foodie to check out is Taqueria La Mexicana. This taco truck is a quick and delicious stop for the authentic Mexican tacos of your dreams. We recommend getting one of everything, but especially the birria tacos. 


Midday Pick-Me-Up

If what gets you through is a little bit of caffeine: head to Board and Bottle Ruston for a cup of coffee and a comfy atmosphere to relax in downtown Ruston.

If you’re more of a midday beer or cocktail person: head over to Utility for a Ruston-brewed beer or to Trio’s for one of their craft cocktails. Both of these drink stops also offer unique culinary experiences if you’re looking to pair your cold beverage with an afternoon app. 


Classic: To us, a steak paired with a potato is a classic dinner done right. And if a classic dinner is your thing, Beau Vines is the place for you. They have mastered the art of taking all of your traditional steakhouse favorites and elevating them with their own special twist. p.s. don’t skip out on dessert - trust us! 

Something Different: For a fresh and fun take on dinner and drinks, check out White Lightnin’. This cozy restaurant offers a speakeasy vibe matched with a unique flair on Louisiana cuisine. Their impressive and creative cocktail menu is often accompanied with a side of live music, perfect for a lively night out. 


Planning on being in town a little longer? Be sure to also add these Ruston restaurants to your foodie bucket list: Sundown Tavern, Uptown Downtown, Bad Wolf BBQ, Staple Sandwich Co, Ponchatoulas, and Bristers BBQ. They all have signature dishes that are sure to keep you returning to the area for many more meals to come.  

For a full list of restaurants in Ruston and Lincoln Parish, visit our website or check out our dining guide. Happy eating!

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