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Why You Should Spend Your Vacation Days Locally

January 26, 2021Written by: Two Upright Tray Tables


The high price of travel is one of the main reasons people don't use all of their vacation days. Vacation days are part of your salary, though. If you don't use them, you're giving money back to your employer and wearing yourself out more in the process. But what are you supposed to do if you don't want to spend the extra money to travel somewhere far away?

We're big proponents of spending your time locally and finding fun activities and events close to home. Often there are great things to do that we overlook in our own hometowns. Whether you're a local, visiting for the weekend, or only passing through, here are five fantastic activities for you to enjoy in Ruston, Louisiana.


1. Go Shopping


Shopping is a must-do activity on many people's vacation list. If that describes you, spend your day off strolling the shops and boutiques downtown. There's everything from books and vinyl at No. 9, to local art at The Collective. And of course, there are a plethora of clothing and home goods stores like The Fashion of Ruston and Chartreuse Pear. After a morning of shopping, pop into Railway Coffee for a caffeine boost to keep you going through the afternoon.

2. Take In An Art Gallery Or Two


We love to go to famous art galleries when we travel. And while Ruston isn't home to places like The Louvre or The MET, there are several places where you can view fantastic local art and take in some culture. Swing by Fringe, Gallery 210, Studio 301, or Ruston Artisans downtown. You could also visit the Dunbar Gallery on GSU's Campus and the F. Jay Taylor Visual Arts Center on Tech's Campus. Most of the galleries, though, have unique hours or are only accessible for exclusive shows and during the several arts crawls through the year. Follow the galleries and Experience Ruston on Facebook to receive updates on when and where the galleries are open to the public.


If you want to join in on the creation, Ruston Artisans has classes in everything from painting and cooking to comedy improv. Get a group of friends together and see which one of you has the most talent. The gallery owners are doing their best to make Ruston an art destination, and so far, they're doing an amazing job!


3. Get Active


On vacation, many people like to relax and do nothing at all. But there's also a large segment of the population looking for activity and adventure when they travel. If you want to spend your vacation days moving and working up a sweat, you have several options in town. Go for a hike or a mountain bike ride on the award-winning trails at Lincoln Parish Park. You can also bowl, swim and rock climb at The Lambright on LA Tech's campus. If you're feeling especially energetic, you can run all the way to Arkansas on The Rock Island Greenway. Vacations don't have to be a sedentary experience. Get up, get out, and enjoy some outdoor entertainment.



4. Do a Cocktail Crawl


We've written about some of the best places in Ruston to enjoy adult beverages already. So why not grab some friends, split the Uber costs, and go on a cocktail crawl? Start at Portico for ladies' night discounts and then take a car downtown. From there, you can walk to Utility Brewery, Ponchatulas, Roma, and Sundown Tavern to find your favorite drink in Ruston. End with dinner and drinks at Beau Vines, and you've successfully orchestrated a perfect night on the town.



5. Support Local Producers


Local artisans, farmers, and producers have a serious ability to enrich a town with their products. We're huge fans of trying to spend money locally by supporting local companies. Pick a Saturday and start by visiting the farmers market for all kinds of delicious goodies. Afterward, head over to Mitcham Farms and stroll through the peach orchards with freshly made peach ice cream in hand.

Head back to the downtown area and swing by Ruston Artisans or Fine Line to check out art, pottery, and other quirky and unique products made by local creators. By this time you'll need some dinner. Walk over a few blocks to Utility to sample some brewed on-site beverages and freshly made pizzas for dinner. Not only is this a great way to spend a Saturday, but it also helps to support local businesses and helps Ruston continue to grow.



You don't have to pack a bag and travel halfway around the world to have a good time. Supporting local businesses and activities is a great way to save money and put the cash that you do spend back into your community. Plus, occasional relaxation is essential to enjoying your existence. Don't let the high cost of travel keep you from using up your vacation days. Take some time off and spend it locally in Ruston, Louisiana. Did we miss any of your favorite spots or activities? Let us know what we overlooked below in the comments.



**Before visiting, we encourage you to check with individual businesses on any potential changes to their availability and/or hours. Rest assured that Experience Ruston is working closely with our partners to ensure your safety and health is the top priority.** 

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