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Crawfish Season in Ruston, LA

March 9, 2020Written by: Amanda Quimby Carrier, TMP

It’s crawfish time! Whether you’re a seasoned (pun intended) pro or new to this crustacean craze, we’re excited to share our favorite places around town serving up mudbugs and all the fixings.

Ponchatoulas Crawfish


Ponchatoulas – This local favorite serves po-boys, gumbo, and other Cajun-inspired delights as well as crawfish by the pound. Ponch is the place to grab a cold one and enjoy fresh seafood all year long. 

Ben Christmas Crawfish – A more unique dining experience, Ben Christmas is a casual spot to enjoy your boiled crawfish and shrimp plates on a picnic table full of friends. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for specials.

Scott's Catfish & Seafood – Another favorite for seafood platters, Scott’s offers hot boiled crawfish after 4 p.m. Thursday-Saturday. With burgers, salads, and options for the little ones, this location is ideal for the family.  

Scott's Crawfish
Scott's Catfish & Seafood

Bulldog Pool Hall and Bar & Grill – Just as the name implies, this is your place for a little fun, a few beers, and some good food. The Louisiana cuisine doesn’t stop with crawfish either, be sure to try the boudin balls and seafood dishes.

Another option is The Crawfish Trap located right off of I-20. These guys are impressing crawfish lovers with their spicy crawfish and crab legs served with extras like potatoes, corn, mushrooms, and sausage.

The Crawfish Trap

Pick Up

If you have no need for dining inside or want to host a crawfish boil yourself, check out these options for trucks selling crawfish by the pound. Be sure to call or check their Facebook pages for locations and operating hours. 

Crawfish Shack
Ruston Crawfish Shack

Ruston Crawfish Shack – mobile food trailer serving up boiled crawfish, boiled shrimp, corn, and potatoes. 

D’s Crawfish To-Go – two locations only open Fridays and Saturdays during crawfish season. 


Crawfish go by many names! Mudbugs, crayfish, crawdads, freshwater lobster – take your pick!

Peak crawfish season is typically March-May, but they can be found as early as January and as late as July.  

Eating crawfish may look complicated, but it isn’t. First, remove the tail by pinching the head between your fingers and with your other hand pull off the tail with a slight twisting motion. Second, peel off the shell by holding it firmly and cracking with your thumb or finger, then pulling the shell off from the side. Some people peel the entire shell from the meat while some only remove the top portion and pull out the meat from the top. Next (and optional), de-vein the crawfish by holding the tail and peeling off the outer layer of skin and discarding along the digestive tract. Lastly, pop the tail into your mouth and enjoy that serious Louisiana flavor! 

Also optional, and for the most authentic crawdad-eating experience, suck the seasoned juiced from the head and claws before discarding. And for larger crawfish, pry out the small pieces of meat inside the claws.

Enjoy crawfish season while it lasts! Have other places you like to dine? Let know in the comments! 

About the Author

Amanda Quimby Carrier, TMP Image
Amanda Quimby Carrier, TMP

Amanda is originally from Franklin Parish but has called Ruston home for several years. She has a passion for travel and tourism, event planning, and showcasing Ruston & Lincoln Parish. As the President & CEO, Amanda leads the CVB's sales and marketing efforts to promote the area and oversees all administrative functions of the CVB.

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