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Full Course Feature: Ruston Drinks

October 7, 2020Written by: Tori Davis

This fall, we’re celebrating our local Ruston restaurants and the signature drinks and dishes that have made them must-visit dining spots. Each week, we’ll highlight a handful of signature menu items from local restaurants for each course – from drinks to dessert.

This week, we’re getting the dining experience started with some of the best cocktails and drinks around. If you love a good craft beverage, look no further than these Ruston restaurants' signature drinks.

La Bamba’s Frozen Margarita

Photo credit: @labambaruston

Nothing pairs with spicy salsa and creamy queso quite like a frosty margarita with a perfectly salted rim. At La Bamba, they’ve mastered the frozen margarita. This smoothly blended beverage brings a kick of tequila, tang of lime, finished with a subtle sweetness. Feeling extra adventurous? Try one of their flavored margaritas like mango or peach!


Portico’s Sangria


Photo credit: @porticoruston

 If you’re a fan of a good sangria, then you’ll love Portico’s house-made red wine sangria or white peach sangria. Both feature smooth wine, a splash of brandy, fruit juices, and fresh citrus fruit as garnish. This refreshing cocktail is the perfect pair to one of their savory, southern appetizers. Grab a glass for only $5 during their Girls Night Out special on Thursdays! 


Sundown Tavern's Bloody Mary

Photo credit: @sundownruston

When discussing Sundown’s Bloody Mary, you’ll often hear words like “famous,” “delicious,” or “award-winning.” While this signature cocktail is a brunch staple, that doesn’t stop patrons from ordering it all day long. A perfect blend of tomato juice, vodka, and spice, it’s no wonder Sundown’s Bloody Mary remains one of the most well-known drinks in the area.


Trio's Dining's Bubbly Greek

Photo credit: @eatingnorthla 

Although Trio’s is the newest restaurant on the block, it hasn’t taken long for them to build a reputation for having incredible cocktails. The most popular of which is the Bubbly Greek. This fizzy cocktail features vodka, fresh lemon juice, triple sec, and prosecco topped with fresh mint. It’s easy to see why this cocktail has become a Ruston favorite in no time.


Utility Brewing's Craft Beer

Photo credit: @maggiesdistillery

Is there anything more satisfying than a cold craft beer on tap? We think not. At Utility Brewing, you’ll find an impressive and diverse selection of home-brewed beers, all offering unique flavors. The menu rotates out their signature beers, along with a few seasonal brews. A crowd favorite is the honey saison, made with local honey. Can’t decide on just one beer? Try a flight to get the full experience!


While there are a ton of noteworthy cocktails in Ruston, we recommend adding these to the top of your beverage bucket list. But drinks are just the first part of an incredible dining experience. Be on the lookout for our next Full Course Feature highlighting some of our favorite Ruston appetizers!

To view a full list of dining options in Ruston and Lincoln Parish, visit our website or view our dining guide

About the Author

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Tori Davis

Tori is a Shreveport native, but has claimed Ruston as home since 2015. A lover of the outdoors, great food, and discovering new places, she quickly found a passion for the travel and tourism industry. As Marketing Director, Tori leads the CVB's content creation, brand management, communication, and strategic marketing efforts. 

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